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Customized massage therapy grants the client the attention to fulfill his or her needs individually. Some clients might seek relaxation and light pressure massage to receive stress relief, while other clients need a deep tissue massage to relieve tension or pain from injury or repetitive motion.  After assessing your needs, I will create a custom massage experience to target the areas in the most need.





Cupping is a centuries-old technique that releases tension in the body’s soft tissue and restricted fascia, encourages blood flow, and loosens and clears debris trapped in these areas and the muscles. Cupping benefits include the easing of recovery from surgery or injury, increased performance for athletes, stress relief, the removal of toxins from the body, and back and muscle pain relief.





Prenatal cupping and massage therapies are advanced techniques that relieve many of the common discomforts experienced during pregnancy. Prenatal cupping and massage treatments can help with backaches, stiff neck, leg cramps, headaches and edema (or swelling). Along with the traditional benefits of cupping massage, the client receives a quicker release of affected tissues and greater mobility in affected joints and muscles. The expectant mom receives relaxation as well as deep therapeutic touch.





"Upon coming into her facilities Christy made me feel welcome and number one by taking notice in my lifestyle and the subtle clues that help create the perfect massage environment. Christy smoothed out the muscle and soft tissue and works with my body, not against it. She stretched my body and used an intuitive approach to the massage so that it was definitely not a "cookie cutter massage.” 

-West F.

"As a dancer with a spine injury, I am always hesitant to visit new therapists, and was even more so when I was 7 months into my first pregnancy.  I was so pleasantly surprised not only with Christy’s in-depth knowledge of the body, but also its changes during pregnancy. Her pressure was perfect, deep enough to really get into tight areas without ever feeling invasive or painful.  I felt immense relief, relaxation and definite improvements in my posture and comfort level."

-Juliana T.

"Before Christy, I was always in pain. My lower back and neck constantly hurt and I only got massages once a year, which did not give me relief. I felt comfortable with Christy right away.  Most recently, it was a 48 hour headache that made me book an appointment with her and within the hour, my pain was gone. Christy is a miracle worker and I am truly thankful for her!"

-Megan H.

"Christy uses great, strong techniques for deep tissue that just leaves you relaxed and muscles loose.  She uses a technique called cupping that has helped move and loosen scar tissue from a recent surgery. I recommend Christy for any of your therapeutic needs; you will be highly pleased."

-Drake F.

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