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Treat Your Allergies with Cupping

cupping treatment for allergies

Spring has sprung. And so have all kinds of pollen, which means allergies are going nuts for folks already.

If allergies have you feeling like your head is going to explode or like you’re well on your way to becoming a mouth breather, there’s hope outside the pharmacy. You can treat your allergy symptoms with a simple cupping session.

When cupping for allergies, I massage the sinuses and other affected areas of the face with small cups, using light suction. This loosens the congestion and allergy-related toxins and allows the body to get rid of them.

One of my clients recently came in complaining of congestion due to allergies. She’d been on Benedryl and other over-the-counter remedies for days, but nothing seemed to give her relief for more than a few hours at a time. She was open to a cupping treatment to see if it would help her breathe again. During the session, while she was still on the table, she commented that she was already feeling better and could breathe through both nostrils. When I saw her again a couple weeks later, she mentioned that even though she’d experienced some congestion off and on since her last session, she hadn’t gotten back to the point of needing to revert to OTC medications again.

While this client’s story may not be typical, having one session that worked for her for weeks, the story of feeling relief while on the table is something I hear on a regular basis. And treating allergies with cupping is safe enough that it can be done daily, if needed.

If your allergies have you looking high and low for ways to breathe, give me a call. Let’s try a cupping treatment to give you some relief, too!

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