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Why I'm Passionate About Massage Therapy

I want to share with you why I am passionate about my work in massage therapy. After 16 years in the therapeutic massage field, I have been blessed to experience the connection and change I see in my clients and in myself.

When I first began the journey of discovering the value of massage as a therapy, I thought I knew it all. Graduating from one of the most prestigious Bodywork Schools placed me at a higher level of valued massage therapy. But I soon came to realize, my choice of working in a fancy spa was not as glamorous or rewarding as the bling exterior and surroundings were.

I came into this profession with the understanding and hope of wanting to make a change in the client’s life, whether it be physical, emotional, or spiritual. But my choice in therapy venues became a factory massage experience, sacrificing the true reason why I chose massage as a career.

Now I am completely passionate about my work in massage as True Healing Therapy.

What I give to my clients now is a connection.

A connection to me in trust. They can trust in me to provide to them.

My approach with intuitive touch gives to my clients on a much deeper level.

I believe in approaching the body with a whole body balance approach: I can help my clients achieve relief in their muscles, by administering an intuitive touch that repeats the individual clients body and its ability to to tell me when to go in. It is not about me showing clients how strong I am and how deep I can go. It is about respecting the body and providing deep massage therapy without causing more inflammation.

Clients leave with less tension in their bodies, mind and spirit. What a beautiful thing! I am blessed!

To book your massage therapy session with me, contact me today!

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